Thursday, June 9, 2011


Shaking hands, bitter taste,
Wait, and wait, and wait,
Deep breath in, slow breath out,
Ebb and flow, ebb and flow.
Take that brave step forward, little one,
Your journey has barely begun.

Weakly comes the darkness bright,
Flooded with bitter light,
As right is wrong and wrong is right,
Good and bad fight the same side;
But we're all alike, aren't we dear,
Unseen glories echoing near.

Oh but this world is just sad and bad,
Turned cold and hot with bitter hate,
And everything that is creation,
Shall fall to destruction;
For when we decide we are the better,
Nobody is good.

So brokenly the bodies lay,
The hearts ripped out in the sand,
Hope was once, hope was grand,
And dark and light hope is no more.
So fade away just like the rest,
The tears of memories fall.

And carefully there are those who sew them all together,
Who fix the wars and fix the bitter,
They are killed faster then most,
And less and less are around,
The hate shall win,
But the love will sound.

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