Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In the Moment

I just want to live again, to be alive,

Things are getting harder now and I can barely survive.

I'm scraping by, holding tight, falling under the waves,

Gasping for breath and screaming to be saved.


When happiness was a daily event,

And joy was when everyone was still blessed,

Courage can stir in someone else's heart,

I don't want to do more of this part.


Beaten down and disrespected, and feeling like I've failed,

Haven't you hurt as much as me? Pain's been here before,

So I write a poem, it tries to rhyme,

I realize it's as broken as me.


Still, in the back of my mind, as is all the time,

There is a quiet voice,

Telling me that there is hope, giving that touch of optimism,

No matter how far I fall.


I'll survive, don't worry about me,

I've broken chains and now I'm free.

I'm worn down and weary still,

But walls will crash down with my will.

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