Thursday, May 9, 2013

It Won't Suck Forever

This is mostly a courtesy post for anyone who saw yesterday's posts, one of which was not in poem form ("Cold").
I'm O.K. now.  I was okay sometime around eleven or so yesterday (talked to the school psychologist).

It's just that, one friend hates me now it seems, and the person who insulted her said a racist joke that he didn't intend to be racist, and I'm just trying to explain where I'm coming from - which people understand - but even if I clarify Asperger's they're just clueless.  And really the only people who get the situation are my parents.

Because I feel like that one friend is mostly at fault.  I know that the friend who said the joke (which he was trying to compare the other friend in to a chicken, by the way), should apologize (and we will sometime after the weekened), but she didn't let me explain anything.

I got a bracelet from the psychologist that says "It won't suck forever".
Man, that's hard to believe sometimes.

Hope life's easier for ya'll.

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