Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Makatza 'Ri

A strange feline-mostly creature with a bit of a draconic nature.  Wild, untameable, and entirely her own.  She's pink and purple, obviously.  Though moreso pink than other colors.
She's obviously not humanoid.  She also can't breathe fire or anything else.  Her draconic side is fairly small and mostly shows up with her wings and little back-spikies.

Look what I got drawn for her ^.^
Someone else did it, by the way.
I can't draw. xD

Yay for Furcadia.

By the way: I'm trying to clear out or finish old posts, this is the last one... and the only one that was published and shall remain that way.
So that's why it may seem a little mis-placed, in the midst of all my emotion issues.

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