Sunday, March 1, 2015


I whole-heartedly believe in the wonders of education.  You'll hear me lament the American school system, and other education school systems, to high heaven, but believe me I am overwhelmingly grateful that at least there is some education and learning provided.  Even if it's done in the wrong way and not near enough as for what we need.

But I guarantee you if the world was educated it would solve 90% of the world's problems.  And the correct type of education - encouraging individuality, providing for different ways of learning and different talents, and providing facts especially within history and very much so with science - would solve the remaining 10%.

If the world was educated, slavery would be eradicated.  Poverty would drop and practically disappear.  Unemployment rates would be almost non-existent.  It wouldn't happen overnight, but it would happen within the lifetime of the millennial generation (assuming universal education started now).

I am a proponent of education.  I believe that everyone should do their research, especially now: the internet is the most amazing invention because of the free access of information (or misinformation, such as the case may be).  Google brings up results in the first page.  Wikipedia allows everyone to share their ideas.

Learning is just a click away.  So for the sake of ending slavery, poverty, and unemployment, get educated.  Learn.  And then, when you've learned, create a new solution to one of the world's many problems.

Education is the first step to a better world.

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