Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nonconformist (Dear Society)

Dear Society,
I will not conform to your propaganda of hate and lack of self-esteem.
I will not grin and bear it, I will be no sheep following the rest.
I will be a leader, a revolutionary, and my own person.
If I happen to wear jeans and t-shirts it’s because I want to.
As you can see, I am a girl who goes makeup free.
(most of the time, anyway; sometimes it’s fun to wear).
So dear, depraved society,
You will not make a victim or a villain out of me.
I am self-defining eloquent cause, reading the next clause
In a contract that will sign away my soul ultimately.
No, I will not follow your lead,
I walk to my beat of my own drum and that is how I will succeed.
Oh, dear, downtrodden society,
The victims here are the ones in poverty,
And the villains are the ones who think politics will help anything.
No, I’m not inclined to follow along, a dutiful clone;
I’m too individual, too damn original, to bow to anyone’s throne.
My dear, degenerate society,
Shall I point out your blatant discrepancies?
At the risk of seeming like an asshole,
Your color-based scholarships and affirmative action make you look like a racist.
Why? Simple as this - you’re saying only whites can achieve without any pitying help.
Oh, whine all you’d like about how it’s clearly right,
How we’re undoing all our past mistakes -
But darling, dearest, dependant one, we don’t need to atone for other people’s wrongs,
Wasn’t that kind of, um, Jesus’s thing?
I see in your eyes you still don’t understand,
So dear, denying society,
Take a glance in a mirror, check out your vanity.
Your piercings and tattoos are fine enough,
But do you really need your boobs to fall out of your bras,
And your butt cracks to show because your pants are so low?
My dear, delicate society,
I’m sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings - not,
But honestly, you really need to grow up.
We’re not in the 1900’s anymore,
It’s 2015 and sheep are way, way out of style.
Plus your judgements get really old after a while.
Oh, dear, dependant society,
Stop relying on someone else for the answers.
It’s easy enough to fall in the same old fads,
Harder to keep up and hardest to be glad.
Dear Society,
At the end of the day we all make mistakes.
But could you stop oppressing, like, everyone,
Regardless of class, skin tone, and mental abilities -
Seriously, it’s getting just a little old.

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