Monday, March 2, 2015

For A Friend

I don’t know you that well; I know you as “Wolf Mounds” which sounds really quite silly if you say it aloud but I mean hey, its a name.
I hope 12pt Times New Roman is pleasant enough, and that it wont be completely ruined when transferred to my blog.
I am excited to see words as you see them, colored specifically instead of the way I imagine it;
I love the idea of brown looking orange, the way the words twist and comprehend and redefine themselves because everything is different.
I can imagine, I can dream, and certainly I see in my minds eye colors of my own -
But imagine if it were bright, always recolored all the time!
(For those of you who arent the recipient of this poem,
The man called “Wolf Mounds” is a roleplay partner,
Who happens to have synesthesia.)
I do believe in education, the freedom of information, and what glorious path the words take now that we have such an ability to share what we write.
Anyway, thanks for putting up with my tendency to write, and my want to see things the way you see them;
I hope this provides enough variety of color, that for the brief process of reading this poem,
People can see things just a little differently.
You never know exactly how youll change the world.

Some additional information: The aforementioned "Wolf Mounds" has synesthesia. His name is based off of Indian mounds, which are as he explained basically mounds of dirt Native Americans made in a variety of shapes. So a... wolf mound!
He is also autistic and has a degree in archeology (which is the artifacts, as opposed to paleontology (dinosaur bones) or anthropology (human remains). He works for home writing instruction manuals for things :P
So all in all he's a really cool guy of awesome and if you ever get the chance to meet him appreciate the fabulousness!
(also please note that the colors are approximations and not exact due to the limits of a computer versus a human mind)

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