Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Uncrossed Lines

I would never.
There are some things I know -
I would not.
Some things I know,
I could not.
The things I could not do
Mostly involve me doing bad things
To other people.
I've done these things -
Hurt, abused, broken -
To myself.
Perhaps I broke, with words, another.
Never intentionally.
I hope not.
If these are the lines
I will not cross,
Why do I so easily cross them,
To ruin myself?
Why do I leave these lines uncrossed,
Yet when it comes to me,
I would hurt myself irrevocably.
I hear the words
Other people have said.
They became mine, and in doing so,
Sometimes they became crueler, meant
With love originally, turned into
Eldritch facsimiles of what they once were.
If I would never do it do another,
If I could not do it to another,
Why do I do it to me?

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