Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Best Friend Owns a Pit Bull

This is about discrimination.  It's a poem.  Trigger warning, possibly?  I'm not sure.  whataretriggerwarningseven

My best friend owns a pit bull,
My 'big brother' is trans.
My friend happens to have autism,
My boyfriend happens to have anxiety,
And I have a friend or two with tattoos.

Honestly, I swear I'm more violent than all of the above,
Because every time I hear the judgement,
I want to punch someone in their face.

Your fake facts and ignorant fear
Make me burn cold.
I am tired of you valuing some life more than others -
I am tired of a world that judges
Based on some small fact of a person,
Or another living thing.

My best friend owns a pit bull,
My friend happens to be black,
My cousin happens to be gay,
And all of these? are good, wonderful facts.

Yell all you want,
Spread the lies,
We'll whisper much more quietly,
And slowly we will rise.

You think you're so smart,
You think you're so good,
But you hate for no reason,
And that is no good.

My best friend owns a pit bull,
Some days I want to die.
We're not bad people,
No animal is inherently cruel,
It's your ignorance that does it in -
It's you, and you, and you.

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