Saturday, February 12, 2011

GASP! ANOTHER one, Kuna, really?!

Another character, that is.  And yes really.
Irita is her name.  I know she sings pretty well (I'm so cliche`).  She has dark red hair, and blue eyes with a liiiittle bit of green in them.  And that's about it.
Since I had nothing better to type about that's my post.  Cuz I want her to be really, really in-depth.  I am determined to make Irita the best character, like, ever.  I'm going to draw her and her room and everything (says the talentless artist).
Pleh, that's it.
Oh, yeah, I finished my Aveyond game for the first time and got to the second part of the visual novel I'm making.  Yaaayyy.

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