Sunday, February 27, 2011

I. MUST. WRITE!!!!!!

Only problem is, my brain's like this ---> _________________  See?  A big, fat blank.  There's this blank Word document, staring at me... and I've tried typing randomly.  But I didn't like what I wrote.  So I'm just staring at it back.
It's a staring contest, and Word is winning.  Unless I fill it with words.  Why won't my brain work?!  I'm being driven crazy by this want, this need to write!
So I'm ranting about it to anyone who wants to saunter on down to my blog.  Well, back to the staring contest between me and the Word document...

EDIT: Oh my gosh, inspiration!!!!  Soon you'll see a short story about a tree's shadow (don't worry, it's more interesting then it sounds)

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