Saturday, February 5, 2011


I KNOW I switched over without much warning, but I promise I'll make up for it!  I has a poem.  Yeah, you don't feel so angry now do you? ;)P


Oh, yeah, and I have all my old posts saved on Word, so if you want any posts I had on my original blog over here just ask <3


  1. 'ello thar, my twinnie. :) It HAS been a long time and I'm sorry about your hack. D: It would totally suck to have to start a blog over. Hell, you could still have the posts but you don't have the history that says "I was here three years ago". And that sucks because it IS history. However, I DO remember you so hai!

  2. I AM REMEMBERED 8D *hugglesnugcling* How have you been doing? I've missed you!
    Whaddya think about Samati and Deliago, my little bloggy guardians? <3