Friday, February 11, 2011

To Let Go

Morning whispers with clarity,
Written on the air.
Dawn comes with gentle grace,
The absence of its charity.
Music says that we will go
Calmly through the window.
And as we go we slowly fade,
Forgotten, at last alone.
But as surely as the evening comes,
So will come the day.
Letting go is the hardest part,
For we always want to save.
As the sun goes down we see the dark,
Fearful as we are.
Yet we feel the charming edges
Smoothed by many tears.
Our tears are just to follow them,
Through the darkness, through the light,
For we are nothing but a trick,
An illusion in the night.
They tell us that it's the hardest part,
But the right thing to do.
To let go of all our fears,
Hope to take us through.
We do not always live by love nor hate,
But there is something we all need.
Such is the whispered age.
Letting go, indeed.

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