Wednesday, October 2, 2013

To K--------

Don't you know I did it for you?
I agreed because of you,
Changed myself to fit you,
Got on good terms with your parents for you.
I made an effort,
Said those things because of you,
And I didn't let you down.
I was selfless, giving,
Offered a hand when you weren't around,
To impress you, to see you,
To let you know how I cared,
And to show what a good person,
What a good influence I was,
To your family and other friends.
I fought long and hard,
Offered hugs and sympathy,
It was you who chose not to talk to me.
You chose to give it up.
Now I am broken, and lost,
I never gave up on you.
Now I think of you, and ache,
And see you, and ache,
And tears fill all my days.
I've cried for you,
And I would die for you.
I cared for you,
And I will listen to you.
Here I am, lost and alone,
Adrift in the sea, now,
I call it home.
And I want you,
Please remember my tears for you,
My heart filled for you,
And how when I reached out,
You didn't understand,
You ran and hid,
And I forgot about it
And loved you anyway.
Can't you see what you've done to me?
I hear your voice,
And I ache,
I see you,
And I ache,
I think of you,
And I ache.
I can't tell you to earn me back,
Because if you came running,
I'd hug you, love you, and wipe away your tears.


  1. Thank you, glad to have someone new reading it <3
    Though it's an interesting post you choose to comment on, ahahaha!