Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are you kidding me???? (I BLAME YOU, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)

Okay, I'm going to start this blog post by saying: I'm sorry for saying that "I don't hate Hitler" when I was not there or suffering in the crazed mess of Nazism.  I do feel awful about it, but I feel like it needed to be said.  After all...
In a way, we all suffered.  The horrible things he did to people were inexcusable, but it wasn't just Hitler.  Those of the Nazi party knew.  They were brainwashed, sure, and so was the rest of Germany (and anyone with but not of), but in many ways people knew it was wrong.  So there's Hitler - and who knows how many other people.  It was not just Hitler.
And that's why I said that.  So I'm sorry if I insulted anyone, being an ignorant 14-year-old Christian American girl, but I did have my reasons for that comment.

...And unfortuanently, SOMEONE *ahems and glares* YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE...
Pulled me out of the mood I wanted to be in to write this, so next comes a rant.  Yay!  (not really)

Anyway. Oh my gosh.  Politics.  It's like everybody's at everybody else's throat with a knife, especially democrats and republicans.  "They're an idiot!" "No they are!"  I mean, really guys?  Ever heard of a "debate"?  My definition is that it is the equivalent of a polite, organized battle of opinions.  Unfortunanetly, politics debates turn into screamfests of "I'M RIGHT YOU *BLEEPBLEEPBLEEP* (LIBERAL/DEMOCRAT) BECAUSE..."  going back and forth.
See, this is why I became an independant. *sigh*

Heaven help us, where have the sane people gone?

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  1. Politics are a hard thing. I always put my heart in but make sure I use reason and smarts. That's what makes me a conservative but more moderate than Daddy. But I think I fall further to the right (conservative) than the middle. What politics leave out is that life is hard. Not just for one person or another but for all of us. Think of all we've endured over the last couple of years. But it's these experiences and what we learn from them (like when I told you Grandma passing away has made me more reflective and appreciative of my parents - my whole family, even). I wish we lived in a world where everyone was safe and goodness, kindness and tolerence abounded, but we don't. So we set good examples by being that way ourselves, by looking at both sides (something I had to learn well as an insurance adjuster - a good and fair one) and by always thinking about what Heavenly Father would want us to do. You live very much by that, I think, so I am always proud of you and your opinions. You have a right to form every one of them and because they are "your opinion", they are right for you. Don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

    I've missed you while I've been working so much during tax time. I can't wait for some "girl" weekends with you. I love you, Sweetie.