Wednesday, April 6, 2011

End of Texas and Horrible News

GOSH I hate Aunt Wendy.  You know what she and my once-decent Uncle Kevin did?  LOCK RAPH IN HER HOTEL ROOM WITH THE DOGS.  And all Aunt Wendy does is yell, and scream.  I DON'T RESPOND WELL TO THAT, BEE-AYE-TEE-CEE-ACH!  She nearly made me cry, too (you would too well yelling usually means bad things happen).  AND, when I was playing with my clinging skirt (if you've ever worn a skirt that has static cling you know it's uncomfortable), she snapped, "RACHEL!  PUT THAT DOWN!" at my grandmother's funeral.  It couldn't have been higher then my knee, too.  In fact, I know it was below my knee because I could feel it there.  She ain't my mom (and thank heavens).  But poor Raph.  She's such a wonderful person.  So what if she has autism and a hormone imbalance?  HELLOOO, SHE'S STILL A HUMAN BEING.  She's still normal, even if she is different.
Anyway.  I got home, and apparently the coworker we TRUSTED with our animals... sucked.  The pets are flipping out, Daisy had an accident that she didn't clean up, and oh my gosh, Daisy's cateracts...
Cateracts are a filming that every creature can get (human, bird, dog, cat) that basically blinds them eventually.  And Daisy isn't doing well.
If she doesn't do well, she gets put down.  DAMN they need to make translation collars for animals.  I don't care WHO invents it, animals need rights!  I mean, I see no worries eating animals as long as they haven't been abused at all; but obviously that ain't gonna happen.  The slaughterhouses animals can go WEEKS living in their FILTH in tiny CAGES.  I know they're intellegent: I own three animals with personalities who probably think more then: "Eat sleep bathroom eat bathroom eat sleep" etc.
People are just terrified of change.  But honestly, we can't be assholes all our lives.

Anyway, I'm going to be pretty moody right now and one moment I could be happy; the next, PO'd, so just try and be forgiving if I rant about something in the middle of a positive blog post or whatever.  If you know me, try to be forgiving if I'm happy one minute and crying the next.  Obviously I'm pretty damn stressed out right now; see the little words I shouldn't be saying?  Yeah.

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