Friday, April 8, 2011

Who Are We?

Who are we?
Lately I've had a fascination with these three words, with a little question mark.  Who are we?  Everyone.  Humans, animals, everyone.  Who are we?  Who are we, as people?  (I'm one of those ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE TOO people).  How afraid are we to die, to suffer, to go through pain?  How willing are we to kill, to cause suffering, to cause pain?
Where do our loyalties lie?  To ourself, our country, our religion, our family, our friends?  Maybe all of it?  What would happen if we were forced to choose?
What do we want?  Do we want peace, word togetherness, a global community?  Or are we so scared of change we want to continue going through the wars?
You may say the answer is easy.  "Oh, we are our thoughts, our feelings, our choices, our histories.  I'd choose all of them, and I would choose family, then religion, then friends.  And I want a global community living in peace."
But what happens when really forced to choose?  I don't think words match actions.  Sometimes the pen really is mightier then the sword; and sometimes, forgetting the sword can make us be called hypocrites.  But are we really just scared?
What is it that people, in general, fear above all else?  I believe it is... change.  In many ways, the ebb and flow is scary.  We fall back on the familiar, the same, the things we know and understand.  But if we do not go through change... Well, that's nigh impossible.  After all, the seasons change.  Death is unavoidable; and so (hopefully) is life.   Unexpected events happen.  Change happens.
...So why are we scared of it?
Familiarity is comfort.
But we should not be scared of the unfamiliar.  We should be willing and open.
This is not who we are though.

Thoughts.  Collections.  Feelings.
Emptiness and filled; half-way or less or more.
Wonderings, musings, prayers, stories, imagination.
Hope, peace, faith, belief, kindness, cruelty.

Who are we?

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