Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Power of Words (A Poem)

It began with a word
For isn't a word given to what started it all?
It will end with a word
Because it is a word.

Imagine if more people listened
And then others began to talk
What is someone said "no"
So very long ago?

There is power in words,
Innate and strong,
If we just knew how to use them...
How would we use them?

Good or bad which draws us closer?
The power of words says both and neither,
Faith is made of words,
And it seems it's all that way.

Long ago a man it seemed
Used them to bring persucution around
He was joined by many
It was all started by words.

And yet again, still so far,
Another man said equality,
And brought a nation to its knees
So things did change.

The bitterness touched the world,
But the peace touched just one,
They cannot relate
Even in a way they were the same.

A single child breathed a phrase,
"Hope, Mama, it's what we need,
Peace will come when we finally try."
Out of the mouth of babes.

So can we hope as a world?
We need it so bad yet we ignore.
Words, they're just words, we all say.
Will peace come if we try?

The power of words was shown again
Do not doubt they wound and heal
More, sometimes, then physical feels.
Words will be our destruction or our savior.

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