Monday, May 2, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Some of us need to listen more.  After all, we were given double the ears then the mouth for a reason.  Others need to talk more.  There's a mouth there for a reason, too.  What would happen if we watched and listened and talked more?  If we were more open-minded?
What would happen if somebody stood up during the Holocaust?  Somebody who was your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, every-day German citizen?  Things would have changed so much.  Been so much better.  But we can never know.
If someone had the courage to stand up, then things would have been so very different.

Today we watched a video in first period.  It was about bullying and standing up to bullying.  It had a very big message.  I thought about a discussion some of my friends and I had (it's stupid, pointless, etc) and wondered if THEY listened.  There is a difference between listening and hearing, after all.  Listening involves processing, which I did.  I do believe they heard.
The messages shown every Monday almost have something to be learned.  EVEN from the good kids who want to do their best (like myself and my friends).  After all, friends can go too far when teasing.

And, unfortuanently I would write more, but I was in a much better mood for this third period-ish.  Argh, why can't I have my laptop and blog in the middle of the day during the week? D<

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