Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Currently what I'm feeling about life and what I have to do.  This deep thinking is going to get to me...

Butterfly spread your wings,
Breaking on your own -
I would help but
You must be strong.

Little bird hatch on your own,
I'm waiting for you -
I would help but
Could you be strong?

Now I see you need to fly,
So I will catch your eye,
And guide you along the road
If you'll guide me too.

Baby I know you were created so new,
But right now I cannot help you -
You must do this part on your own,
It's the only way the world can be shown.

I need to ask,
Does anybody else feel so old
At so young?
A distance.

I want to run back to my mother,
Hide behind her knees,
Let her make all my decisions,
But I must stand alone.

I'll have help on my way,
And it's always the same,
Sometimes alone, sometimes together,
A cold change.

Does knowledge of death
Really matter?
When there's knowledge of "gone",
I'm sure that's enough.

So I stare at the sky and pray
I get enough of both either way,
I will come out of this strong,
And I won't walk the whole way alone.

So I bow my head and pray
Guide me are the words,
But if I leave everything on everyone else's shoulders,
I will not come out strong.

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