Thursday, May 19, 2011

Events of Today.

Yaay.  I needed to type one of these!  Two events.  Yaaay.

Event #1: This is a second-hand story with a few parts with me.  There's boys A, B, and C.  So Boy A throws salsa at Boy B, and it gets aaallll over his favorite shirt.  Boy B tells Boy C and they both call Boy A the n-word without actually saying it.  Now, I hate the n-word.  I despise it.  I wish it never was.  But it exists.  So waaahhh about things I can never change.  But Boy B and Boy C are some of my friends (Boy B being a best friend) and I didn't like hearing the disrespectfulness of them using such an awful word.  I don't think Boy A was black, so... but I'm not sure because I don't know Boy A.  Not like using the n-word is ever okay.

Event #2: I got nominated for Pride of the Pride awards.  I had an honorable mention for Communicater.  YAAAYYY!  Anyway.  This leads me to thinking.
1) There are a lot of people out there who are still excited about life and are half-decent.  I think I know why - one, I can be really quiet and shy (according to my mother at certain times, I have "self-adviocacy issues").  Two, I can be really loud and all get-out-there.  I think this dual nature might be a little frighening, no?
2) All my good traits come from my compassion.  I have an honest-to-goodness heart about people.  And even when I've done bad stuff (mostly... *shiftyeyes*) it's because I've been caring about someone (including myself.  Hey!  I need to take care of me too ;P)

Anyway.  That's all.
Wow.  Shorter then I expected.

Three events in third grade.  I had my worst behavior then.
1) I told a teacher who shall be dubbed Mrs. B to go to heck.  Literally heck, NOT the other word.  One week on the WALL.  No recess play-time, basically.
2) I tried to sign a kid's slip that his dad wasn't given/didn't sign.  One day on the Wall.
3) Two boys were tormenting me and saying that in a month, they'd shoot everyone down in the school.  I responded with, "Well, in a month when I learn to play my flute, I'll call birds to peck your eyes out so you can't!"  They got to Mrs. S (who I didn't like, and never smiled except for ONCE (at me, too ;P) and didn't like anybody) first.  I had to go to the Principal's Office.  The two boys?  They got off scott-free ;-;  Me, who was a good kid except for the first two events, got the Wall for a week.
And another event:
4) I pulled on a girl's scarf because she was eating the first snow of the year, and my parents had told me that was bad.  The next snow I ate some, and was embarrassed because she saw me.  Haven't cared either way since.

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