Friday, May 6, 2011


If I could ever go around the world,
And see all there is to see,
Then would I still be able to be
All that I am?

If I could ever change the face of mean,
To all that is kind,
Then would I still want to say,
I'm not really anything?

If this world was something else,
Would it be better
Or would it remain all the same,
Just nothing wanted?

If this world was really perfect,
Would it be great
Or would it be without
All that has meaning?

If you stared your fears right in the face,
Would you be stronger
Or would you just be bitter
And lost?

If you knew all the answers,
Would you answer every question
Or leave them to
Wither and die?

If we knew that things would get better,
Right from the very start,
Would we ever willingly die
And loose our way?

If we knew that war was worth nothing,
Would we stop all wars
And eventually stop all fights,
Or would we just not care?

If we had more then apathy at our wings,
Bitterness and cruelty that fly,
Our own self-created hell,
Would it be love?

If we actually cared about innocence,
About what is good and right,
About the world around us,
What would we decide?

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