Saturday, May 14, 2011


Someone will find me in the maze,
And they'll see the shattered pieces.
I'm not just smiles I'm not just joy
There's so much more then that.
But for now I put up a pretty mask,
Painted blue and painted black,
PLEASE, just see me.

I'm not all smiles and laughs,
I'm bitterness and my heart is black,
But I've surrounded it in love.
I'll love and not give up,
My heart is secretely bitter,
I one day gave in.
PLEASE, just see it.

I'm not all black and white
Simple is NOT what I am.
Inside my heart of love
There anger remains,
But I manage not to hate.
I'm just human, imperfect and broken down,
Every time I've opened up I get shot down.
PLEASE, just know.

One day out there I'll find my way,
They'll see me as I am.
I am small and weak,
Inside, after it's all stripped away,
I'm just a terrified little girl.
Inside the hate, inside the love,
I'm just a terrified little girl.
So now, can you see?

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