Monday, May 16, 2011

Tired Heart (poem)

Weak in the knees,
Giddy from the hope,
It's almost right, it's almost there,
And all comes crashing down again.

And when I scream I hate you,
It's the last time tomorrow,
For a heart that doesn't hate,
I sure do say that a lot.

I'm a tired heart that's broken-ended,
But I'll pick myself back up.
Love and smiles and laughs and hugs,
That's what I'm made up of.

Stare at the sky,
Give another shifty eyes,
Pray their attitude won't ruin the suprise,
Any goodness had is gone.

And when you scream go away
You swear you won't do it again
But you do, like we always do.
For a heart that doesn't hate you sure can hate.

You're a tired heart that's broken-ended
Don't know if you can pick yourself up
Everyone's just so bitter and cold
So silently pray.

That stillness in our hearts
Is a place that died long ago
In all the pain and frustration
We decided to just let go.

Tomorrow is another day
So instead of bad scream good
I love this screwed up world
And cross your heart and pray.

We're all tired hearts that are broken-ended
Trying to pick ourselves up.
We don't know what we're made of,
But whatever it is, it can be great.

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