Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Word Food! (HURRAH!)

POEM: Just One
Rising to the sky
It is alone
So new
Come chasing after
To beat it
And then
A wild rush of colors
Until they fade away
One by one
They gave up,
But the first
Remains, wanting to share
It is beautiful
It is just one
But just one...
Trying to make its way
With a cause
It may be alone
But it is never alone
There is somethign just one can do
Change a world to faith.
POEM: My Own Dance
I dance on my own two feet
Following my own beat
I will never be decided.
I can be alone and broken
I'm not good enough (for the group)
But I am better.
My life will not be made
Bu others' wants and lies
Your actions are not mine.
Leave me for dead,
Leave me alone,
Try to break me.
I will not be broken.
I will not be decided.
I'm still dancing to the music of my dreams.

There will one day be a time when that's all you have.
And your faith
        Your belief
         Your hope
Because somtime in the future
Or the past
Or right now
There will be abandonment
Then all you can do is cross your fingers and wonder where the good has gone.
Is it even here?
Was it ever there?
Or does it take turns?
      With people
So carry on your back few things.
It doesn't matter if your Buddhist
 Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Athiest
What matters iss that you have faith
In something.
And you need to dream
Whether you want to be a scientist, teacher, doctor, video game tester, musician.
It especially doesn't matter if you're white or black or Asian because you need hope that things will get better.
And you need to believe in all of the above.
So pack light on your journey
As you run and jump and climb
Because life is the unknown
And faith will shelter you
       Dreams will guide you
       Hope will feed you
      And belief will comfort you.

It is an ugly place out there
Filled with death and deciet (take, take, take)
                 Greed and lust (have, have, have)
                of all you hold dear.
You could give up.
But that's just letting it all win.
It's not worth anything.
You could join it.
And question if that is worse then giving up.
Or you could fight it
Not with war and stubbornness
But by looking at flowers, streams, beaches, purple mountains and rolling hills,
Trees so tall you can barely breathe, let alone speak.
And loving every precious moment.
Then, once you've loved the world,
Start looking at friends, kindly strangers, family, and loving them (and random acts of kindness).
To win, then, comes the hardest part.
Loving the people
      Who kick you down
                   And destruct
              So they can have.
When you love them, then you iwn.
You see every person, as a person.
And suddenly you know:
This world is terrible, horrible, spiteful
But it is also indescribably wonderful.
That's why it's home.

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