Friday, July 15, 2011

EFY Post

There is something to be said for a friend; something more to be said to a friend who becomes a hero.  It's strange how the heroes fade in our lives, sparkling lights that touch our very hearts.  From nameless, faceless heroes miles and miles away, to someone we've known since "forever" (and eternity), to someone who just smiled at us.  They let us know: The struggles you're having are yours, but you don't have to bear them alone.  (For Christians, they've been beared in the exact same way before).  Life is difficult, but worth it.
If this is the case, then I have one request.  Let me be one person's hero.  Let me show them charity, that amazing pure love of Christ, and let them know they're loved.
You, everyone who reads this, is a spirit son or daughter of our Heavenly Father, a sister or brother to our sweet Savior, and I want you to know:
I love you.  He loves you.
You are not alone.

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