Monday, July 4, 2011

Solution (poem)

If I had a wish,
I'd wish for love to be shown and given freely,
No longer withheld, controlled, and ignored,
Instead, everyone knows someone cares,
And everyone really does.

If I had a wisdom,
I'd be wise in wishes,
They're slow to come and sometimes,
They will never ever come true,
But I'd know to believe.

If I had a belief,
It would be a belief in something bigger,
Bigger then you and me,
Someone who had a plan,
And loved freely.

If I had a love,
It would be towards the whole world,
Because it's hard to believe but so vital,
Yet it's easy to hope and hold out,
If you've never had pain.

Yes,  if things were simple,
These are how things would be,

But they're never simple,
Rather they pick the complicated road,
And the codes discourage all.

If there was a solution,
The solution would be for all,
Rather then just one or two,
It could save us if we only tried,
The solution is too hard to find.

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