Saturday, July 2, 2011

Entwined Idea


It is strange how things turn out.  Sephosa and Lyran never expected to become entwined.  Mates in life, now they are eternally connected, forming the Heart.  Or so the legend goes.  As the statues and paintings of them hang in shrines abound, people have forgotten the Old Way.  Some believe Sephosa and Lyran do not exist, but they do.
Sephosa has grace and compassion, a tenderness to all around.  She provides protection and healing to N'yun.  Lyran is cunning and devious.  He tricks, but only those who have greatly hurt others.
Worshipped as gods, Lyran and Sephosa have forgotten they are only great spirits.  So the Greatest One has anger.  Yet in anger, there is mercy.
So Lyran and Sephosa will have their spirits trapped within two mortal lovers.  From here, they can do nothing but influence those who they are trapped in.  And N'yun will continue to worship them, until Lyran and Sephosa can cause the lovers to change.
If they fail within these mortal lifetimes, N'yun will be destroyed and Sephosa and Lyran will be seperated.

Interuption for the poetry.  Tell me what you think. *pokes above*

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