Friday, July 8, 2011

Poems Are Easy to Understand

"Uhhh... what, Kuna?  Have you lost your mind... for reals this time?"

No, no I haven't.  But think about it.
Poems are personal intrepretation.  They're about what you think and feel while reading the poems.  And then there's the straight-forwared, black-and-white ones which clearly state what's going on.  And then there's one that are a mix of the two.  Black and white, but may have an underlining meaning up for personal interp (a good example - and one of my favs - is "The Road" by Robert Frost).
I mean, I understand that feelings can be hard to get.  They're not always clear, and often mixed.  Thoughts, however, usually are understandable.
So next time you read one of my poems, tell me what YOU think of it.  Because while I may have my own meaning, poems are about YOUR ideas.

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