Friday, July 29, 2011

Left There (poem)

Stop child abuse and bullying, guys.

The stiff-moved tear, an almost cry,
Staring down and wondering why.
The clawmarks and scratches should raise alarm,
But hidden with care, nothing is wrong,
It's just a lie, she's trying to be strong.
The younger watches, fear in her eyes,
She can do nothing for what's going on,
There's a knife in her pocket, she'll use it to kill,
She's sick of the words that hit her down.
During recess no teacher notices,
She's drawn away and to the side.
Then she snaps, the knife comes out,
But they steal and laugh, she grabs it back and dies.
Her sister is crying for hours on end,
Finally her father drags her away.
She stares at the form, miserable,
A tiny form just simply left there.
She is beaten for something she cannot control,
She sobs and she pleads for death.
A swift motion and it's granted,
And she, too, is left.

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