Saturday, July 2, 2011


It starts out a piece of perfection,
But chipped, one single flaw,
That can save or break,
Crack or heal.

Some choose to work hard on that flaw,
So it's nearly invisible,
Almost completely healed,
And barely there.

Others, forget it or maybe they ignore,
And it cracks, spreading,
But they remain whole,
Just cracked.

And most break
No longer whole,
But a piece remains,
Always lost in time.

Some who break search forever,
Always looking for the piece,
They have a memory,
They are never complete.

Others work hard,
Patching with prayer and love,
They will be whole again,
They earn back the trust.

Most try but something pulls them back,
Everyone sees but nobody helps,
They're too scared but some aren't,
And they offer a guiding hand.

And the ones who recieve help,
Can go many ways,
Help comes in many forms,
Help comes in many ways.

Some accept the help,
And pull themselves out fast,
Out of the pit of despair,
Out of their own hell.

Others ignore the help,
They say it never comes,
They hate themselves and blame everyone else,
And fall back down again.

Most accept the help,
And then over time they gain love,
Faith, hope, dreams, and trust,
And find their place.

So in silence some sit,
Making themselves whole again,
So in silence some stay,
Wanting to be whole again.

In a rare case,
One shatters the person,
Someone else,
But they live on.

They always gather help,
They always love,
Fixing themselves with needle and thread,
And they do everything they can.

They pull themselves together,
They always stick together,
I was broken by another,
And I am whole again.

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