Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It will Happen

Amazing how words can touch the soul, the heart,
Break you down and make you fall apart,
And then, in darkness, let you rise again,
Sticks and stones will break the bones, shatter them to pieces,
But words will burn and freeze at once, killing in the inside.

Wisdom, it's knowledge that you should not have,
But experience or love gives you a guess,
Tasting of weakness, or of tomorrow,
Depending on your glass.

And take someone's hand and raise your voice,
Whether it's songs or love it's all your choice,
Because after all love does speak,
In words of kindness that do complete,
Life, wonder, a sweeter laugh,
Sugar-coated dreams that manage to last.

And action, when with words creates,
A new life and a better place,
After all one remembers the beautiful, the happiness,
'Till that bleak little grey comes and takes all that is good away.

Amazing, isn't it, how the smallest things always do the biggest things,
And the smallest hearts within the world, the unimportant and the lost,
(Or at least that's what has been told and felt),
Have the biggest dreams, trying, for they have learned their worth sooner.

Unthinkable, isn't it, how the harder the situation the stronger the soul,
Never cracking for there is something they know,
And how come I cannot learn the same, you cannot learn the same,
It is far beyond us, yet suddenly,
What is improbable is likely, for in those stories we are told
People keep living and loving.

For you are an important soul,
No matter how young or old,
And you have things to do and say,
And when it's time for you to go away,
The things will be done and said.

But your time is not now,
The people who need you may not have been seen, yet,
But time is slow, and it takes awhile,
But it knows where to send you,
And after pain and hatred and bitterness,
Finally you'll arrive, and change.

And whether this is good or bad,
Is all up to you.
You can change to a miracle sweet or a miracle bitter,
But it will be you, just like it is me.

So fall and break for we all do at some point,
And then, the scattered pieces of everything,
Pick them up, and set them down, neat this time,
And smile.

For only then you can find your way,
And know that it will happen,
Because it did.

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