Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A New Perspective

Feet on the ceiling, stare at the
Circling shapes, they have wisdom in the
Change, without complaint they live in
Cycles, and I smile because I can choose my
Path, where I go, for life is hard but there is
Good, and one of these days I will be more amazing then their bitter
Words, which hurt and sting, but there is good even in the
Worst, and this I cannot doubt. It's amazing how faith can change your
Mind, make you realize and let you find all that is
Sweet, and so I look up now rather then down I am
Happy, instead of the sad I used to
Be. And yes, that smile you see is no
Facade, it's finally real and I shall be a light in the
Darkness, and when it is too bright to see I shall be like
Sunglasses because both are needed to find your
Way, and I won't forget how important it is to do my
Best, but not be perfect even though I am for it for it is
Impossible, but nothing is impossible - it always takes
Time, forever and ever. But forever and impossible do not
Happen, it happens eventually all time comes if we have
Patience, and wisdom comes in deciding to
Love, despite the heck you'll get for being something
Different, but we all know unique is
Beautiful. Be glad to be you because I am sure glad you're
Around, letting me know I am not alone and that is
Sweet, the bitterness is gone and
Indeed, time has given me something that we do not
Understand, nobody sees clearly until the time has come that was
Planned. Now I love with something better, it's a brand-new
View, a very amazing thing that's come with hope and faith and
People, because as awful as they can be they can help too and it's given me
A new perspective.

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