Monday, August 1, 2011

My goodness

Okay, so I'm on YouTube and I saw this commercial.  It started with a whole picture of Taylor Lautner, so I was like, "Oh jeez, something about Twilight..."  but it didn't sound like Twilight.  At all.  And it's this new movie, "Abduction".
How many people are going to see it JUST BECAUSE Taylor Lautner's in it (come on gals, be honest)?  It does look like a good movie though xP
ANYWHO.  If anyone's willing to do an ask-around or what-have-you to get information on how many people (specifically: girls) are going to see Abduction just because Taylor Lautner's in it, I'd LOVE if you could get that back to me.  It'd be hilarious.

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