Thursday, October 16, 2014

Imagination is Not Creativity

Imagination is not creativity.

This is a strange statement to make, and one that is not aligned with the way I think.  But in our definition essays, we had to figure out what is not our term.  My term was creativity.

You can imagine an object in your room is in a different location, or you can imagine that your computer is purple, but that's not creative.
You can leap frog over someone in the hallway.  It's a creative solution, but it's not imagination.
You can walk around someone in the hallway.  That's neither creative nor imaginative; it's just a common sense solution.

If you write, period, you need to be creative.  People who are bad writers are uncreative.  If you make up a story, whether realistic or fantasy, you are imaginative.  If you can write the statement "Today I went to school" on a school day or "Today I stayed home" on a weekend or "Today I went to work" when you have a job, that's all common sense.

So imaginative and creativity are not common sense.  Imagination is not creativity.

I like these definitions.  I feel more literate now.

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