Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Untitled Poem


A difficult four letter word that makes people go crazy, that's frustrating, that leaves you in a lock that you can't escape.
(that's absolutely beautiful, that brings happiness and joy, that's a peace of mind that can't be found anywhere else)

Tomorrow, maybe, will be a better day.  Fingers crossed.
"Maybe", the sweet word - don't worry.
Maybe is possibility, is potential.  It's not "no", it's anything.
"Love", I will love, I will not break.
Or if I do I will tape and glue myself together like a million times before.  The metaphors I use over and over again, as if it will make my words clearer:
as if the people I love don't already know or maybe I'm too scared to say.
I don't say.
Sometimes there's no words.
Inside, inside, until I burst, explode, into a disaster.

Tomorrow will be a better day.
No "maybe" about it.



  1. Hey, I love this poem, especially the end with the definite statement that tomorrow will be better. I also love the mew blog design.

  2. Thanks! I thought it was time for a change (: