Thursday, January 8, 2015


i am a fire.
there is something in me that burns so fiercely,
i term it compassion - not kindness,
because it is passion and it is love and it is charity.
i am burning, burning hot,
feeling overwhelmed by my own intensity -
do not read my inner thoughts I think
hard and strong and often;
i will crash with my mind into obstacles
and i will move mountains because I can.

i will embrace my demons and devils
the monsters inside of me because they are not different -
they are me, i am them, i will fight
to be compassionate and kind but i will not,
I will not ever forget my roots, the story -
the monsters that i am.
i am foolish, prone to mistakes, but i am more
than what you've said i am,
I am a fire and i am wild and violent
and also kind and gentle and frightened.

faith is a stranger,
an unusual thing,
rising up like smoke and mist;
it captures, it contorts, it
takes a deep breath and I
forget out to breath -
it is hope it is love it is wonder,
i will wonder at the world that is so beautiful -
so unbelievable beautiful my breath gets caught and I
find myself catching the breeze and running
into another eternity.

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