Saturday, January 24, 2015

Youtube, Man...

Anyone who has been on the internet for more than a day knows that comments are possibly the best thing to ruin any bit of joy you've collected over a day.

This lovely video had people saying that it would be better that this happy, mostly-healthy boy was aborted.  They said that he will suffer his whole life, that the mother was selfish, that he'd have a million issues and never be independent.

They just wanted to push an agenda.  Seriously.

A friend of mine - who unfortunately I've lost contact with - is legally blind.  She was adopted by a blind single mother.  They don't just function, they thrive.

Thousands of children have cleft lips or cleft palates that are far more severe than what this baby boy has.  They get the surgery they need and grow up independent and fine.

He will be bullied.  We all get bullied.

But he will grow up fine.

And I am eternally grateful that this bundle of joy and pure miracle was not aborted, because he will be independent one day, he will live a worthwhile life, he will explore the world and learn to love it.  This boy will grow up just fine - and be an inspiration.

My first thought?  Poor girl.
And after that, a deep admiration for a family who struggles to take care of her.  Because I get it, I do.  Mental diseases are not easy.
And people will fill your ears with lies about it.

In the comments people said she was possessed by demons and needed the light of God.  And then people said that God was terrible because He gave this to her.

No.  Both are incorrect.  She has a lengthy list of disorders that she will need to figure out and to function with.  The title says schizophrenia, but anyone who is taken a psychology class (*bows*), done their research (*bows*), or has schizophrenia (not me) knows that those other disorders are definitely a big part of it.

She needs medication, therapy, and the wonderful support she clearly has from a loving mother and an older sister who's struggling to understand her, despite fear of a child that can be violent.

This is not a matter of "cut the crap" and she needs an "ass whooping" (also in the comments).  She's suffering and she's struggling.

Be sympathetic, not hateful.

Who are we to judge another?

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