Thursday, September 8, 2011


A hero is someone who
Is not afraid of death or pain,
Not afraid to stand alone,
But afraid of what will happen if they don't,
Scared of what will happen if they deny all they
Love, and believe.

I hope to be a hero,
I wish to be a healer of hearts.
Because when the heart breaks,
It's as if anything that was good or is good has gone,
Leaving behind any faith that was, before, manageable,
I wish to change this.

A point of view is that a hero saves lives,
And we call them fireman, and policeman,
Never realizing that, if not for the smaller heroes,
Friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers,
There would be no lives to save,
The rescuees beyond broken.

So if I can be a hero,
Like all the ones I admire,
I will brace myself on what I know as truth:
I am important, special, called to do something great.
My Father in Heaven with His gentle hand,
Sometimes faith is slow in coming.

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