Friday, September 2, 2011


And, indeed, when one is lost in a sea,
A sea that never ends,
Faith goes flying like a bird, free,
Until it finally dies without land.
Try to be the best I can and it still doesn't feel good enough,
And there are times when it does and I cling,
Feeling this way can never bring anything but
Sadness, coldness, emptiness,
And a lack of hope, because it dies too.

Since when did everything I feel, I think,
Since when did it all hurt,
Trying to drag me to pieces, and others to pieces,
And nobody towards happiness?
It is hard and I say I can deal,
And I can, but I can't, it's hard to explain,
So no matter what I say,
It is always left the same.

This smile is a facade, and then it is a truth,
This happiness is mine, I am me nothing else,
I will stand alone if I must, as long as I'm in the right,
But it's hard to be alone.
So pull me to pieces if you feel the need,
But I swear I will put them back together,
Even if this world is truthless,
There must be something good.

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