Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Smile in the Words

I've been looking through past writings.  All sorts of writings, all of them that I've done.  And no matter how sad the poem is, or how much it says about hurting, there's something happy in it.  There's something that comes from the strength of Christ, and the strength of me, and the love and the hope and the faith that needed to be.
There's a smile in the words.
In all the misery of the world, there are always a smile in the words.  The words that share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that speak across worlds and people of what we share.  There's a sky that changes color, and a planet supporting us, and causes all over to support.
We're made of the same stuff, of matter and particles and atoms and elements, and the same ability to love - and to hate.
Words have spoken to me.  They are how I speak, how I show how I care, how I give of myself - both to my Father in Heaven and to others.  They have spoken to me with a song and a book.  It hits home, now.  I am loved.  I can do anything.  I am not forgotten.  I matter, somewhere in this impossibly big and infinitely small world.
And so the smile in the words have shown me faith.

The smile in the words you can barely see,
But between the lines there is infinity,
There's a lack of colors, but a closer look,
Reveals reds and golds and blues and yellows,
Greens and purples and browns and oranges,
All hover there, pale little smiles,
And you look back over the words,
Take it piece by piece,
Suddenly you realize and suddenly you see.

What you thought was misery,
Is much more simple, much more pretty,
It is hope and faith and want for better,
Laughter, longing, loneliness, love,
And peace, above all others,
Saying that peace will come, but slowly,
And these words, thoughts, are all hidden,
Waiting to be taken in.
Slowly you gather the smile in the words,
Then rip it into pieces.

And the fact is these pieces will fly,
Around the world and back again.
They won't be forgotten.
Because there is love and piece and harmony,
By taking action you have changed a course,
Something that would lead only to destruction.
Self-destruction is the bitterest thing,
But by something that goes by the name charity,
The smile in the words is His spirit.

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