Thursday, April 23, 2015

Conventional Intelligence Is Not the Only Intelligence and Animals are as Smart as Humans (mostly)

WARNING: Cussing, talking about presuming competence and not assuming a living creature (human or otherwise) is stupid.  Authority taking advantage of being authority.  Normally I don't put warnings, but the first words of this post is the f-word and I do want to give a low down about what I'll be discussing on this post.  At some point I'll probably add warnings to past posts that might discuss controversial subjects.  Or jerkiness.  Poems will forever be warning free, however, so read those with caution.

Fuck you, Mr. Droege.

Fuck you, bastards and idiots who pretend that you know everything and that everyone who is the slightest bit different is stupid.

Conventional intelligence of a+b=c and a big vocabulary is not the only intelligence.  So stop.  You're doing it wrong when you assume a cat cannot understand things because they are a cat.

Americans only bother with learning English in a global community; at least other places learn a foreign language by default.  So when you say cats are stupid I am pissed. off.  And reasonably so.

You are saying that human language is the only way to communicate when you act as if you know a cat's mind.  And you do it with other humans too; autistics, or people who might be in comas, or whatever.

Fuck you.

Fuck you because you are so fucking wrong I have no WORDS for it.  No. Words.  That's why, me with my aversion to the f-word, is saying it repeatedly.

Because you are wrong.

And how dare you cut me off when I am making you feel uncomfortable.  When I have a decent argument and you won't let me say it because you know I've thought about these things.  Yeah, Mr. Droege, you have abused your power.  Yes, it was off topic, but you let other people say their piece on off-topic subjects!  You even made sure they were finished before cutting them off.  So why me?

Why me?  Why am I the one who gets punished for standing up for myself?  Why am I the one who is always talked to when it's clearly the other person's fault?  Why am I the one who is blamed and punished even when the accusation is out of character for me?

So fuck you, Mr. Droege.  Fuck all you teachers in the past who have assumed children aren't intelligent, who have presumed that you should punish the well-behaved one when the one who misbehaves is impossible fuck you all.

Fuck you all the authority figures who allow your children and your pets to suffer because you can't get your shit together.  If I've learned anything from my blog-reading kick of autism blogs, it's that kids are smart and behavior is communication - for all species.

Fuck you, whole wide world.  You're not fair and you're not just and you're not merciful.  If you're none of those, then no wonder people commit suicide.  No. Fucking. Wonder.

(PS, I'm not going back to philosophy class.  I'm not going to any detentions I may get.  I am done.)

And, because there are people I love, thank you to those of you who do it right.  Thank you to the people who speak up.  You're the reason that there aren't as many suicides.  Every person who chooses life, its because of decent people like you.  The authority who doesn't hurt.  The activists who love.  Thank you for those of you who care even when it's hard.  Thank you.

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  1. Bruh u always went back to philosophy.