Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I talk a lot about love.
(too much)
It matters.
It matters in how you love, the way you move.
It matters in small panting breaths,
In deep conversations,
In touch and lack thereof.
Love the way you need to love,
To be loved.
Love is far too powerful to be contained
(more powerful than anything else)
What things can love overcome?
(a better question)
What things can't love overcome?
So I talk a lot about love,
Catching coattails and chasing fluff,
Speaking nonsense and understanding that surpasses words.
(love is in the silences)
There's nothing quite like capital-I It, love's essences,
Subtle and simple and perfect.
Count it.
I talk a lot about love.
(it's not too much)
More like,
(not enough)
love's infinite power.

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